About Us

We At VENTCRI Encourage You To Wear Your Voice. We Created This Clothing Line To Promote, Pardon Me... Express Our Individuality. In A Time Where It Is difficult To Say What Is On Our Minds, We Figured We Are Going To Wear Our Voice. We Are Trying to Spread Awareness For Everyone Who Feels Anxiety, Adversity, And Silenced About Their Conditions. My Husband And I Started This Company To Help Provide Awareness To Unseen Disabilities That Affect Everyday Life. Myself, I Have Endured A Number Of Years Suffering From Endometriosis While My Husband Suffers From A Nerve Disorder (Fybromigia). After Waking Up From A Life-Altering Accident He Realized His Physical Capabilities Had Changed In An Instant. So We Get How Difficult It Is Sometimes To Be Able To Express What Is On Our Minds At The Times Wen Want To Speak Out The Most. Our Line Began In 2017 And Now Our Slogan Holds More Merit Than Ever! With Our (Wear Your Voice) Line We Want To Instoe Confidence With Up To Date Trends That Make A Statement. We Stand Behind Anyone Who Needs To Be Heard.

We At VENTCRI Hope You Show What's On Your Mind And Wear Your Voice!